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Trailer safety chain Manufacturers

Trailer safety chain Manufacturers

Lijia Chain Co., Ltd is famous China Trailer safety chain Manufacturers and Trailer safety chain factory. Company has introduced advanced technology and equipment, including 7 sets of high-strength chain special automatic braiding and welding machines; 3 sets of special chain intermediate frequency quenching equipment; 7 correction machines; Complete testing equipment such as tensile testing machine and hardness machine. So we can custom Trailer safety chain worldwide. Just tell what you need, we would offer perfect lifting chain products & solution. The Products Are Sold At Home And Abroad And Are Widely Welcomed By Customers. At Present, The Company Has Formed An Annual Production Capacity Of 3,000 Tons Of High-Strength Chains.

Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd.

Lijia Chain Co., Ltd specializes in the production of high-strength chains, chain rigging, and lifting chains. In 2006, the company successfully passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, and the products passed the inspection of the National Chain Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Trailer safety chains are a type of chain used to secure a trailer to the towing vehicle. They are designed to prevent the trailer from becoming detached from the tow vehicle in the event of a hitch failure. Safety chains are typically made of high-strength steel and have a hook or shackle on each end that attaches to the tow vehicle and the trailer. They are usually crossed under the trailer tongue and attached to the tow vehicle. It is important to use the correct size and strength of safety chains for the weight of the trailer being towed and to ensure that the chains are properly attached and tensioned before towing.
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