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There are many different types of cargo chains on the market. The grade of chain you buy will depend on several different factors, including the chain's materials and working load limits. Safety standards for tow chains are also constantly changing, ....


A Binder Chain is a type of tie-down used for lifting materials. The chain is made from special alloy steel with an assembled grab hook. They are best suited for overhead lifting. However, if the load is too heavy to be lifted with a binder chain, it....


How Strong Is Grade 70 Chain? Grade 70 chain is commonly used for trucking and is made of high-strength, low-alloy carbon steel. The heat-treating process further strengthens this chain. It is available in a wide variety of weights and has a load r....


A lifting chain is a specific type of chain used to lift heavy weights. This type of chain is made of steel and is often used in construction projects. While dip belts and chains can be used for lifting heavy loads, they are not designed to be used w....