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  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain

6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain

When it comes to the tensile strength, G80 Alloy Lifting Chain meets or exceeds standards set by many different industries. It is an excellent choice for lifting chains. In addition to its high tensile strength, it is also durable and withstands the wear and tear of a variety of applications. It also possesses a high elongation factor, which makes it a preferred choice for industrial applications.
G80 lifting chain is available in various lengths, and it is available in standard and custom-made sizes.

The 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain refers to a chain that is 6MM-32MM in diameter, made of grade 80 steel, and colored black and red. It is used for lifting and load bearing applications, and the "G80" designation indicates that it meets the requirements for a grade 80 chain as defined by international standards for chain strength and safety.
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
  • 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain



T kN kN
6 +/-0.24 18 18.5 17.5 7.8 22.2 1.12 28.3 45.2
7 +/-0.28 21 21.6 20.4 9.1 25.9 1.5 38.5 61.6
8 +/-0.32 24 24.7 23.3 10.4 29.6 2 50.3 80.4
10 +/-0.4 30 30.9 29.1 13.0  37.0  3.15 78.5 126
13 +/-0.52 39 40.2 37.8 16.9 48.1 5.3 133 212
16 +/-0.64 48 49.4 46.6 20.8 59.2 8 201 322
18 +/-0.9 54 55.6 52.4 23.4 66.6 10 254 407
20 +/-1.0 60 61.8 58.2 26.0  74.0  12.5 314 403
22 +/-1.1 66 68.0  64.0  28.6 81.4 15 380 608
26 +/-1.3 78 80.3 75.7 33.8 96.2 21.2 531 849
32 +/-1.6 96 98.9 93.1 41.6 118.0  31.5 804 1290


Product Description:

Welcome to a world of superior lifting solutions where safety, reliability, and performance converge seamlessly. We take immense pride in presenting our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain, a product designed to meet the most demanding lifting challenges with ease. With an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, we invite you to discover the remarkable features that make this load chain the ultimate choice for your heavy-duty lifting applications.
Unrivaled Strength and Versatility
Our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain boasts an impressive nominal size range of 6-32, catering to a diverse array of lifting requirements. From handling small loads to heavy industrial applications, this chain offers unparalleled strength and versatility, making it a go-to solution for various industries and lifting scenarios.
Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance
We understand the importance of precision in lifting operations. The material diameter tolerance of our load chain ranges from +/-0.24 to +/-1.6, ensuring consistent and accurate performance in critical lifting tasks. This precise engineering guarantees that each link of the chain fits seamlessly, providing a smooth and reliable lifting experience.
Safe Working Load (WLL): A Guarantee of Safety
Safety is our topmost priority, and our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain reflects that commitment. With a wide range of WLLs from 1.12 to 31.5, this load chain is engineered to handle various load capacities while adhering to the highest safety standards. You can rely on this chain to carry heavy loads with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that it is designed to deliver exceptional performance without compromising safety.
Proof Force: Ensuring Reliability and Robustness
The proof force of our load chain ranges from 28.3 to 804, certifying its reliability and robustness in the face of challenging lifting scenarios. This force represents the maximum load the chain can withstand without experiencing permanent deformation, ensuring its durability and longevity even under extreme conditions.
Durable Black/Red Coating for Enhanced Protection
The black/red coating not only adds a touch of aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose. This durable coating enhances the load chain's resistance to corrosion, reducing the risk of rust and wear. Whether you are working in harsh weather conditions or challenging environments, our load chain's coating ensures its longevity and sustained performance.
The versatility of our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain opens doors to a wide range of lifting applications across various industries. From construction and manufacturing to transportation and logistics, this load chain proves indispensable for hoisting heavy machinery, securing cargo, rigging, and much more. Its reliability and robustness make it a favorite among professionals seeking a lifting solution they can trust.
Quality Assurance
At our company, quality is never compromised. Our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet international industry standards. Each link is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets the highest benchmarks of strength, safety, and performance, assuring you of a product that is built to last.
In conclusion, our 6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain is a testament to our commitment to providing top-of-the-line lifting solutions. With its unrivaled strength, precision engineering, and focus on safety, this load chain stands tall as the epitome of excellence in heavy-duty lifting. Whether you require it for industrial applications, construction projects, or logistical operations, you can trust our load chain to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Choose our load chain today, and experience lifting like never before.


OEM G80 Chain Sling

Lijia Chain Co., Ltd specializes In The Production Of High-Strength Chains, Chain Rigging, And Lifting Chains. In order to further overcome the fierce market competition and further integrate with the international market, our company has introduced advanced technology and equipment, including 7 sets of high-strength chain special automatic braiding and welding machines; 3 sets of special chain intermediate frequency quenching equipment; 7 correction machines; Complete testing equipment such as tensile testing machine and hardness machine. Simply you can OEM and wholesale G80 Chain Slings.

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