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Precautions for the use of anti-skid chains

Dec 03,2021
Snow chains are generally made of steel chains, beef tendons or rubber chains, which have the function of anti-slip. According to the structure, the snow chains can be divided into two types: one is the snow chain that has been connected into a cover; the other is a few separate snow chains installed in a cross, it is relatively simple and cheap, but the installation is not as convenient as the former.
The prerequisite for buying snow chains is safety first. It was originally for anti-skid and safety. If you choose improperly, not only will it be unsafe, but it will also increase safety risks. Each type of snow chain has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be selected according to your own car model and road.
Pay attention to the following aspects in the use of snow chains. It is best to install snow chains before you travel, and do not install them after encountering ice and snow roads. Because temporary parking to install anti-skid planting is more troublesome than installation before stirring, and it is not conducive to safety. Park the vehicle in a safe place before installation and disassembly. If you are on a busy road, you need to set up necessary traffic warning signs. Do not install anti-skid chains in the case of deflation. It is recommended that you always have anti-skid chains on the car going out in winter to prevent urgent need. There are also size restrictions for error prevention, which are suitable for different wheel sizes and tire widths. Pay attention to choosing the tire chain that matches the wheel size (you can provide the tire model to the manufacturer when you buy it).