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  • Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain
  • Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain

Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain

* Grade: Grade 80, which indicates a high-strength alloy steel hook that is durable and suitable for heavy-duty lifting applications.
* Hook Type: Clevis C Hook, which has a C-shaped opening for easy connection to the lifting chain.
* Chain Size Compatibility: Designed to be used with lifting chains ranging from 7mm to 16mm in diameter. This means that the hook can accommodate lifting chains of different sizes within this range.
* Purpose: The Clevis C Hook is used as a lifting accessory in conjunction with lifting chains and other lifting equipment to safely lift and hoist heavy loads.
* Note: It is important to ensure that the hook is properly rated and compatible with the lifting chain and load capacity to maintain safety during lifting operations.
  • Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain
  • Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A E B H K L kg
7+8 2 9.5 20 35 28 90 136 0.57
10 3.15 13 29.5 46 39.5 127 189 1.4
13 5.3 16.5 39.5 59 52 166.5 246 3
16 8 18.5 46.5 72 59 206 298 5.4


Product Description:

Product Name: Grade 80 Clevis C Hook for 7-16MM Lifting Chain
Product Description:
Introducing our Grade 80 Clevis C Hook, specifically designed for use with lifting chains ranging from 7 to 16 millimeters in size. This heavy-duty hook is engineered to provide reliable and secure lifting solutions for various industrial applications. With its exceptional strength, durability, and precision engineering, it's the ideal choice for professionals in need of a dependable lifting accessory.
Key Features:
Chain Size Compatibility: Designed to accommodate lifting chains with diameters of 7, 8, 10, 13, and 16 millimeters.
Working Load Limit (WLL): Offers a range of WLL options from 2 tons to 8 tons, ensuring suitability for a variety of lifting tasks.
Main Dimensions (mm): Precisely crafted with attention to detail for optimal performance.
A: 9.5mm - E: 20mm - B: 35mm - H: 28mm - K: 90mm - L: 136mm (for 7+8mm chain)
A: 13mm - E: 29.5mm - B: 46mm - H: 39.5mm - K: 127mm - L: 189mm (for 10mm chain)
A: 16.5mm - E: 39.5mm - B: 59mm - H: 52mm - K: 166.5mm - L: 246mm (for 13mm chain)
A: 18.5mm - E: 46.5mm - B: 72mm - H: 59mm - K: 206mm - L: 298mm (for 16mm chain)
Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle, with weights ranging from 0.57kg to 5.4kg, depending on the chain size and model.
Construction and industrial lifting operations.
Material handling and transport.
Rigging and hoisting tasks.
Heavy-duty machinery and equipment installations.
High-strength Grade 80 steel construction for maximum durability.
Precision engineering ensures reliable and secure lifting.
Versatile compatibility with multiple chain sizes.
Designed to meet stringent safety standards.
Compact and lightweight for ease of use and transport.
Trust in the Grade 80 Clevis C Hook to meet your lifting needs with strength, reliability, and precision. Whether you're working with 7mm or 16mm lifting chains, this product delivers the performance and peace of mind you require for your lifting operations.


OEM Grade 80 Clevis C Hook For 7-16MM Lifting Chain

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