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  • G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook
  • G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook

G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook

* Grade: G80, which denotes a high-strength alloy steel hook suitable for heavy-duty lifting tasks.
* Drop-Forged: This means that the hook is manufactured using a process called drop forging, which enhances its strength and durability.
* Clevis Forest Hook: The hook is designed in a clevis style with a forest pattern, which features a wider opening to accommodate thicker chains or straps.
* Applications: This type of hook is commonly used in industries such as forestry, construction, and transportation, where heavy loads need to be secured and lifted.
Please note that the exact specifications, size, and load capacity of the G80 drop-forged clevis forest hook may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model.
  • G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook
  • G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A E B H K L kg
7+8 2 9.5 20 35 28 90 136 0.57
10 3.15 13 29.5 46 39.5 127 189 1.4
13 5.3 16.5 39.5 59 52 166.5 246 3
16 8 18.5 46.5 72 59 206 298 5.4


Product Description:

The G80 Drop-Forged Clevis Forest Hook is a premium-grade lifting accessory designed to meet the highest safety and performance standards. This forest hook is an essential tool for various applications, ensuring secure and efficient lifting operations. With its robust construction and superior design, it's a trusted choice for industries where safety and reliability are paramount.
Product Parameters:
Chain Size: Various options available
7+8 mm
10 mm
13 mm
16 mm
Working Load Limit (WLL):
2 tons (for 7+8 mm)
3.15 tons (for 10 mm)
5.3 tons (for 13 mm)
8 tons (for 16 mm)
Main Dimensions (mm):
A: 9.5 mm (for 7+8 mm)
E: 13 mm (for 10 mm)
B: 16.5 mm (for 13 mm)
H: 18.5 mm (for 16 mm)
Additional Dimensions (mm):
E: 20 mm (for 7+8 mm)
B: 29.5 mm (for 10 mm)
H: 39.5 mm (for 13 mm)
K: 46.5 mm (for 16 mm)
Overall Length (L):
90 mm (for 7+8 mm)
127 mm (for 10 mm)
166.5 mm (for 13 mm)
206 mm (for 16 mm)
Weight: Varies by size
0.57 kg (for 7+8 mm)
1.4 kg (for 10 mm)
3 kg (for 13 mm)
5.4 kg (for 16 mm)
Key Features:
Drop-Forged Construction: Crafted from high-quality, drop-forged alloy steel, this forest hook ensures exceptional strength and durability, capable of withstanding heavy loads and demanding conditions.
Versatile: Available in multiple sizes, accommodating various chain dimensions and load requirements. Ideal for use in forestry, construction, rigging, and more.
Safety Assured: Engineered with precision and adherence to industry standards, this forest hook guarantees safe lifting operations, reducing the risk of accidents.
Corrosion Resistance: Coated with a protective finish, it offers excellent resistance to corrosion and ensures a long-lasting, reliable performance, even in harsh environments.
Easy to Use: The clevis design facilitates quick and secure attachment to chains, providing convenience and efficiency in your lifting tasks.
Marked for Identification: Each forest hook is clearly marked with specifications for easy identification and safe usage.
The G80 Drop-Forged Clevis Forest Hook is the perfect choice for professionals and businesses that demand uncompromising quality, durability, and safety in their lifting equipment. Whether you are working in the forestry industry, construction, or any other field that requires secure lifting, this product is your trusted partner in getting the job done safely and efficiently. Invest in quality, choose the G80 Drop-Forged Clevis Forest Hook.


OEM G80 Drop-forged Clevis Forest Hook

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