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Home / News / Industry News / There are many different types of skidder tire chains on the market

There are many different types of skidder tire chains on the market

May 02,2024
Skidder Tire Chains

There are many different types of skidder tire chains on the market. However, it is important to find the right kind for your needs. The chain you choose will not only protect your tires from damage, but it will also give you better maneuverability in rough terrain. You will want to make sure that the chain you purchase is matched to your specific application, the environment you will be operating in, and the amount of traction you need. It is also wise to invest in a chain that is suited to your budget.

Although the term 'chain' is commonly associated with the wheels on a tractor used for skidding wood in rough terrain, the chain itself is not a true chain. Instead, it is a series of steel links that are designed to improve the performance of your winter tire. This type of chain is typically wrapped around the tire and is also referred to as a classic link chain. A cable-style chain is also an option but is not recommended for banked curves.

There are several different kinds of chains, from the multi-ring to the more traditional fixed ring chain. The BABAC Standard Ring chains feature a combination of boron alloy steel and alloy lugs to provide excellent traction in mud and snow. They are also hand-assembled to ensure quality control.

One of the most impressive features of a forestry or skidder tire chain is its ability to protect your tires from chunking. The TRYGG U-Grip chain is a good example of this. The chain is made of durable boron alloy steel and is adorned with a variety of features, including a triple diamond pattern, U-studs, and a long product life. In addition, it has the requisite sized studs, making it an effective piece of equipment.

Another interesting piece of equipment is a Skidder Tire Chains Installation Tool, which makes the task of installing the tire chain easier. It comes with a ratchet binder action that helps keep the chain tightly secured over the tire. Moreover, it works as a chain tensioner.

While there are many types of chains, the most impressive may be a ring alloy skidder forestry chain. These have a much longer lifespan than standard carbon steel chains and are available in a range of sizes and colors. As such, they are a very effective way to keep your tractors and skidders safe and in top working condition.

Finally, there is the multi-ring skidder tire chain, which is a more affordable alternative. For this style of chain, you have the option of choosing a single ring, dual rings, or three rings. Each ring is a combination of a small ring and a larger ring. This configuration will reduce costs while improving operational efficiency.

While the aforementioned forestry chain has an impressive lifespan, the tiniest of the three will suffice as a reminder for your next logging trip. If you are looking for a high-performance chain that has the best possible chance of protecting your tractors and skidders, the best place to start is the BABAC(r) site.

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