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Tire Protection Chains are a mesh of steel links

Jun 09,2023
What Are Tire Protection Chains?
Tire Protection Chains are a mesh of steel links, which creates a strong protective barrier around the tire. The mesh provides solid and flexible protection against cuts and punctures to the tire. It reduces downtime caused by penetrations and cuts. These chains are designed to protect expensive tires.
Tire Protection Chains are also known as OTR tire chains. They are important protective devices for wheel construction machinery, such as wheel loaders, earth-moving machines, and excavators. In addition to preventing punctures, tire protection chains reduce the amount of time spent digging. Also, tires are more likely to last longer with tire protection chains.
Tyre protection chains are available in different designs and sizes. The ring-based type is frequently used on heavy equipment machinery. A close mesh chain contains four vertical links attached to each mid-ring. However, there are other types of chains such as ladder-type chains and diagonal chains. There are also chains that mount onto the rim. Some use a ratcheting system, which makes installation easier.
The market for tire chains is growing. Their service life increases due to the presence of a hardened steel alloy. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and provide a barrier against damaging materials. Therefore, they can be used in many abrasive construction environments, allowing machines to operate with a variety of materials.
Besides being used in construction, tire chains are also useful in mining and quarrying. When a tire breaks, tire repair costs often outweigh the cost of buying a new tire. To minimize unplanned downtime, operators use these chains. This allows them to get a replacement part in minutes.
Moreover, tire chains are also used for commercial trucks and buses. They are made for a wide variety of rim sizes. Singles and DTs are available for rims up to 24.5 inches. They are also available in reinforced singles and DTs.
These chains are made from a CrNiV alloy, which provides tensile strength. This material is abrasion resistant and offers core tensile strength, ductility, and a high resistance to wear.
Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd. has been a leading innovator in the chain industry for over 10 years. In 2003, the company invented Grade 120, a patented component for a 23mm tire protector chain. Currently, Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd. has more than 50 models in its product range, with a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of every mine and quarry.
Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of tire protection chains, is one of the most reliable partners. Their products are highly wear-resistant and can withstand -30 degC in mining applications. Additionally, they can be tailored to suit any application.

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