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Grade 80 lifting chains are one of the best options for overhead lifting applications

Mar 31,2023
Grade 80 Lifting Chains
If you are looking for a durable chain to use for overhead lifting applications, then grade 80 lifting chains are one of the best options. These chains are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced techniques. They are also available at industry-exclusive rates.
Grade 80 is a type of alloy steel chain that has been specially designed for use with overhead lifting. This chain is heat treated and quenched to provide superior strength and durability. It is also proof tested. The tensile strength of this chain is double that of ordinary steel chains. With its superior tensile strength, grade 80 can be used for a wide variety of overhead lifting and towing applications.
It is recommended for overhead lifting and towing applications and is ideal for sling assemblies. However, it is not recommended for dynamic load conditions.
Grade 80 Lifting Chains are produced from high-strength alloy steel. In order to meet OSHA and NACM requirements, these chains are proof tested. They are also available in a black lacquer finish to prevent scratching.
When it comes to overhead lifting and towing, it is important to find a grade that will provide the maximum safety and performance for your application. These chains have a good elongation percentage and strength-to-weight ratio. Because they are made from alloy steel, they are lighter and more rugged than other types of chains. There are many uses for this type of chain, including landscaping, chemical processing, and food processing.
An alloy chain is also a great option for heavy-duty towing. However, you need to make sure you use the appropriate chain for the job. For instance, if you are towing a vehicle, you want to find a grade that will meet the requirements of the FMCSA. You can find Grade 80 Lifting Chains at a chain distributor in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
While you can find many types of chains, you may not know exactly what a particular grade means. Fortunately, you can find out more by researching the different grades of chains. Each grade has its own characteristics and is suitable for certain applications.
There are six common grades of chain: grade 30, grade 43, grade 70, grade 80, and grade 120. Depending on the chain, the working load limit can be as low as 200n/mm2 (MPA) or as high as 47,700 pounds. Also, it is important to note that the working load limit of the chain can be decreased by lowering the load required for operation.
Another popular grade is grade 100. This type of chain is made from heat-treated alloy steel and is known for its high strength. Typically, this chain is used in manufacturing and construction. A special type of clevis grab hook is included with this type of chain.
Although grade 80 and grade 100 are both reputable options for overhead lifting, it is recommended that you choose the appropriate grade for your specific application. Some of the higher grades, such as grade 120, are stronger than other chains and are also more resistant to overloading.

6-30MM G80 Black/Red Load Chain
T kN kN
6 +/-0.24 18 18.5 17.5 7.8 22.2 1.12 28.3 45.2
7 +/-0.28 21 21.6 20.4 9.1 25.9 1.5 38.5 61.6
8 +/-0.32 24 24.7 23.3 10.4 29.6 2 50.3 80.4
10 +/-0.4 30 30.9 29.1 13.0  37.0  3.15 78.5 126
13 +/-0.52 39 40.2 37.8 16.9 48.1 5.3 133 212
16 +/-0.64 48 49.4 46.6 20.8 59.2 8 201 322
18 +/-0.9 54 55.6 52.4 23.4 66.6 10 254 407
20 +/-1.0 60 61.8 58.2 26.0  74.0  12.5 314 403
22 +/-1.1 66 68.0  64.0  28.6 81.4 15 380 608
26 +/-1.3 78 80.3 75.7 33.8 96.2 21.2 531 849
32 +/-1.6 96 98.9 93.1 41.6 118.0  31.5 804 1290