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How to Install ATV Tire Chains

May 24,2023
Having ATV tire chains is a great way to keep your wheels traction in the snow and on slick surfaces. They also extend your riding season through winter. However, there are some things you need to know about installing them on your machine. Here are some tips and tricks.
First, make sure you have a good surface to work on. A concrete driveway or garage floor is ideal. This will eliminate any mud or debris that might clog up the chain. You should also deflate your tires. This is necessary to get a tight fit. Overinflating your tire can damage the chain and cause an explosion.
Once your tire is deflated, you'll need to find a place to install the chains. The trick is to use the right material and the correct number of links. For example, you want to buy a chain that is at least two inches longer than your tire. When you have the proper chain length, it is easier to push your bike forward and keep the chains from twisting or slipping.
You will also need some tools. This includes a bolt cutter or an angle grinder. Chains are available in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are painted and may stretch over time. Some even come with shackles. Make sure they are of the same thickness as the chain links.
You can also purchase chain tensioners. These are spring-loaded tool that helps stretch the chain and keep it tight. The arms of the tensioner have a small hook on each end. Be careful while you are putting the chains on because sharp chain parts can be very damaging.
ATV tire chains are easy to install. Just follow these steps. If you do it correctly, you'll be surprised at how much better your ride will be. It's not difficult at all, but it is a little fiddly. Getting the tire and chain to match up is a little more complicated, so be patient.
Depending on your model, you might need a couple of sets of chain adjusters. These are spring-loaded tools that can be positioned on the inside and outside of the tire. There are also some models that have boomer fasteners on both sides. You'll need to pull the boomer fastener over to the side chain before you can pull the entire thing off.
Unlike the other accessories, tire chains are not one-size-fits-all. While a two-link chain will help to reduce the bumps and rattles of a bumpy ride, it is not always the most practical option. To maximize traction and improve safety, you should opt for the diamond pattern chain.
The best part about these chains is that they are relatively easy to install. You should still check them out on a test ride before using them on your ATV. That is because there is no foolproof method for tightening them. But you should be able to get the job done.

ATV Diamond Pattern Alloy Studded Tire Chains
An ATV tire chain is the best way to keep the vehicle from rolling over the snow. A chain can be easily mounted on ATVs. Its main purpose is to prevent the tires from slipping. In winter, you can choose between a front and rear ATV tire chain, or a front and rear ATV tire chain. 
A Class U chain is the most advanced and is recommended for vehicles that require greater traction. Alternatively, a Class L chain is the most common and most versatile option for ATVs. 
While the two-link spacing is ideal, the four-link spacing is preferable, as it will provide more consistent performance. The first consideration is the number of side chain links. In general, a 2 link spacing is better for atv tires. A four-link spacing has a cross chain every two links.