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  • G100 clevis sling hook with latch
  • G100 clevis sling hook with latch

G100 clevis sling hook with latch

The G100 Clevis Sling Hook With Latch is an efficient and safe lifting tool. Its design is exquisite, its structure is solid, it can bear a large weight, and it is suitable for various hoisting operations. The hook part of the Clevis Sling Hook is made of high-strength materials to ensure that it is not easily deformed or broken during the lifting process. The unique Latch design makes the hook more convenient and faster to connect and disconnect, and also improves the safety of the operation. In addition, G100 Clevis Sling Hook has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • G100 clevis sling hook with latch
  • G100 clevis sling hook with latch



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A B E H M L kg
6 1.4 7.5 32 18.5 21 68.5 109 0.33
8 2.5 9.5 37 25 27.5 88 134 0.7
10 4 12 48 28 33.5 105.5 161.5 1.3
13 6.7 15 59 38 42 134 203 2.3
16 10 17.5 70 44 50 160.5 248 3.6
20 16 25 85 52 56 190.5 297 7.3
22 19 27 100 66 62 214.5 326 12.1


Product Description:

The G100 Clevis Sling Hook With Latch is a high-performance, versatile lifting tool designed to meet a variety of lifting needs. As a manufacturer, producer and manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable and safe products to ensure efficient and safe lifting operations in a variety of work environments.

High-strength material: G100 Clevis Sling Hook is made of high-quality materials with excellent tensile strength and wear resistance, ensuring stable performance under heavy loads and harsh environments.

Safety locking mechanism: Equipped with a strong Latch (locking device), which can effectively prevent the hook from accidentally decoupling during the lifting process, thereby ensuring the safety of the operator.

Flexible adjustment: The product provides a variety of specifications and sizes to meet different lifting needs. Different models of Chain Size and Working Load Limit can meet the requirements of lifting goods of different weights and sizes.

Compact design: Compact Main Dimensions (main dimensions) make the product easy to carry and operate, suitable for various narrow and complex work spaces.

Lightweight: Although the product has excellent load-bearing capacity, the weight is relatively light, which reduces the burden during operation and improves work efficiency.

Technical Parameters:
The technical parameters of the G100 Clevis Sling Hook cover Chain Size (chain size), WLL (working load limit) and a series of Main Dimensions (main dimensions) and Weight (weight). These parameters describe the product's performance characteristics and applicable scope in detail, allowing users to choose the most suitable model according to their needs.

Chain Size: ranging from 6mm to 22mm, suitable for lifting needs of different weights.
WLL (Working Load Limit): ranging from 1.4 tons to 19 tons, ensuring safe lifting in various working environments.
Main Dimensions: Including key dimensions such as A, B, E, H, M, L, etc. These dimensions determine the overall structure and applicable scenarios of the product.
Weight: ranging from 0.33kg to 12.1kg. The lightweight design makes the product more portable.

Application areas:
G100 Clevis Sling Hook is suitable for a variety of hoisting scenarios, including construction sites, ports and terminals, logistics and warehousing, etc. Whether it is lifting heavy equipment, bulk cargo or other scenarios that require efficient and safe lifting, this product can provide a reliable solution.


OEM G100 clevis sling hook with latch

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