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  • G100 european type clevis self locking hook
  • G100 european type clevis self locking hook

G100 european type clevis self locking hook

The G100 European Type Clevis Self-Locking Hook is a high-quality professional lifting device with excellent durability and load-bearing capacity. It adopts European standard design, has compact structure and easy installation, and is suitable for various hoisting operation scenarios. The product's self-locking function ensures that the hook can firmly lock the load during the lifting process, effectively preventing falling off and shaking. In addition, it has excellent fatigue resistance and has undergone rigorous fatigue testing to ensure stable performance in long-term use. At the same time, the product surface has been specially treated to have excellent anti-corrosion properties and can adapt to various harsh environments.
  • G100 european type clevis self locking hook
  • G100 european type clevis self locking hook



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A B E H R M kg
6 1.4 7.5 32 28 20 96 70 0.5
8 2.5 9.5 36 35.5 26 123 90 0.9
10 4 12 46 45 30 144 109 1.6
13 6.7 15 59 53.5 40.5 182 138.5 2.9
16 10 17.5 70 62 50.5 217 170.5 5.8
20 16 25 85 76.5 62 235 192.5 8.6
22 19 25.5 98 80 66 276.5 205 12.1


Product Description:

G100 European Type Clevis Self Locking Hook is a high-performance, safe and reliable hook product specially designed and manufactured for the European market. Its unique structural design and self-locking feature enable it to demonstrate excellent performance and stability in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


High strength and load-bearing capacity: The hook is made of high-strength materials and can withstand large pulling forces, ensuring stability and safety in various harsh environments and working conditions.
Self-locking function: The hook is designed with a self-locking mechanism to ensure that it will not accidentally loosen after being connected, thus greatly reducing operational risks and improving work efficiency.
Precise main size: The product provides a variety of different main sizes to meet the needs of different chain sizes and working scenarios. The main sizes include A, B, E, H, R and M, and you can choose the appropriate specifications according to your specific needs.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Although this hook has excellent load-bearing capacity, it is relatively lightweight, making it easy to carry and install. At the same time, its durable design enables the product to maintain excellent performance for a long time and reduces maintenance costs.
Easy to operate: The design of the hook is simple and intuitive, and it is easy to operate. No complex tools or skills are required to connect and disconnect easily.

Applicable scene

G100 European Type Clevis Self Locking Hook is widely used in various occasions that require high strength and high reliability hooks, such as:

Ship and marine engineering: used for connecting and fixing anchor chains, ropes, etc. to ensure the safe operation of ships and marine facilities.
Construction engineering: used for hoisting, traction and other operations to improve construction efficiency and ensure construction safety.
Mines and quarries: used for hoisting and fixing equipment, materials, etc. to ensure the safety and efficiency of mining operations.
Agriculture and forestry: used for hoisting and transporting trees and crops to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Product parameters
The hitch is available in a variety of sizes to suit different chain sizes and workloads. Here are some examples of key specs and parameters:

Chain Size: ranging from 6mm to 22mm, the appropriate specification can be selected according to specific needs.
Working load limit (WLL): Depending on the specification, the working load limit ranges from 1.4 tons to 19 tons, ensuring safety and stability under various load conditions.
Main Dimensions: including multiple parameters such as A, B, E, H, R and M. The specific values vary according to different specifications.
Weight: The hook is relatively light and easy to carry and install. The specific weight varies according to specifications and materials.


OEM G100 european type clevis self locking hook

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