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  • 6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings
  • 6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings

6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings

The 6-22MM G100 eye-shaped shortening hook has wings and is compact and practical in design. Its unique eye-shaped structure allows flexible connection with a variety of ropes or chains to ensure stability and firmness. The presence of the wings not only enhances the strength and stability of the hook, but also provides a larger gripping area, allowing users to perform quick and accurate operations. This hook has strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for various industrial or outdoor working scenarios.

  • 6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings
  • 6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton E ø D M kg
6 1.4 8 14.5 30.5 43.5 0.2
8 2.5 10.8 18 37 53 0.28
10 4 13.5 22.5 48.5 42 0.72
13 6.7 16.5 28 59 96 1.6
16 10 19.2 36 74 112.5 2.45
20 16 24 43.5 89.5 143 4.72
22 19 27 48.5 100.5 160.5 8.2


Product Description:

6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings is a grab hook specially designed for lifting and heavy lifting, with a wing-like structure to increase stability and strength. This grapple is suitable for a variety of chain sizes, ranging from 6mm to 22mm, to meet different load requirements. Each size is rigorously tested to ensure it meets safety standards of G100 (i.e. working load limited to 100% breaking pull).

The main parameters:

Chain Size: The size of the chain determines the applicability and load-bearing capacity of the grapple.
WLL: Working load limit, indicating the maximum weight that the grapple can bear while operating safely.
Main Dimensions (mm):
E: The width of the grapple opening is 8-27mm.
ø: The diameter of the internal opening of the grapple is 14.5-48.5mm.
D: The diameter of the grapple body is 30.5-100.5mm.
M: The total length or maximum size of the grapple is 43.5-160.5mm.
Weight: The weight of the grapple itself is 0.2-8.2kg.

Application scope
Construction and Engineering: On construction sites and engineering projects, this grapple can be used to lift and carry a variety of construction materials, equipment and heavy objects.
Logistics and warehousing: In warehouses and logistics centers, this grapple can be used for rapid loading, unloading and handling of goods, improving work efficiency.
Marine and Marine Engineering: In shipbuilding, repair and marine engineering, grapple hooks are used to lift hull sections, equipment and heavy objects.
Mining and quarrying industry: In mining and quarrying operations, this grapple can be used to lift and carry heavy objects such as ores and rocks.
Other heavy industries: This grapple is also suitable for other industries that require lifting and carrying heavy objects, such as machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, etc.
Inspection before use: Before use, please carefully inspect the grapple for damage or wear, especially the chain and connecting parts.
Proper operation: Please use the grapple correctly in accordance with the operation manual and safety regulations to avoid overloading or improper use.
Regular maintenance: Please perform regular maintenance on the grapple, including cleaning, lubrication and inspection to ensure its performance and safety.
Storage environment: Please store the grapple in a dry, ventilated, dust-free environment to avoid moisture and corrosion.


OEM 6-22MM G100 Eye Shortening Grab Hook With Wings

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