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  • G100 master link assembly with flat
  • G100 master link assembly with flat

G100 master link assembly with flat

The G100 Master Link Assembly With Flat is a high-quality link assembly designed for high-strength, high-security chain connections. Its rugged construction provides excellent durability and reliability, and can withstand extreme tension and pressure. The flat shape design is not only easy to install and disassemble, but also reduces space occupation and improves work efficiency. At the same time, the component's strong load-bearing capacity ensures stability and safety in various applications.

  • G100 master link assembly with flat
  • G100 master link assembly with flat



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A B D a b d kg
6 3 135 75 19 54 25 13 1.3
8 5.3 160 90 23 70 35 16.5 2.33
10 8 180 100 27 85 40 19 3.7
13 14 200 110 33 115 50 23 6.5
16 21.2 260 140 36 140 65 27 10.1
20 33.6 350 190 50 150 70 33 22.8
22 39.9 350 190 50 180 100 36 26


Product Description:

G100 Master Link Assembly With Flat is a high quality chain link assembly designed for applications requiring high strength, reliability and durability. The low profile design of this connection component allows it to provide excellent performance in a variety of applications. Whether lifting, hauling, tensioning or anything else that requires a strong chain link, the G100 Master Link Assembly With Flat has you covered.


High strength: Made of high-quality alloy steel materials, ensuring that the chain connection components can still maintain excellent strength and stability under high loads.
High reliability: Precision manufacturing and strict quality testing ensure that each connection component can provide reliable connection results.
Durable: Special anti-corrosion treatment is used to enable the connecting components to resist corrosion and wear and extend their service life.
Flat design: The flat design makes it more suitable for certain applications, such as those where space is limited or special-shaped connections are required.

Product parameters:

Chain Size: ranging from 6mm to 22mm to meet different load requirements.
Working load limit (WLL): from 3 tons to 39.9 tons, ensuring safe connectivity under various load conditions.
Main Dimensions: including A, B, D, a, b, d, etc. to ensure that the connecting components perfectly match your equipment.
Weight: Depending on the size of the chain, the weight also varies, ranging from 1.3kg to 26kg.

Should range:

G100 Master Link Assembly With Flat is widely used in the following fields:

Lifting equipment: such as cranes, lifts, etc., used to connect and secure heavy objects.
Industrial machinery: such as conveyor belts, production lines, etc., used for pulling and tightening chains.
Construction and Mining: In construction and mining equipment that require strong chain connections, such as excavators, loaders, etc.
Marine and marine engineering: In marine and marine engineering, used to connect and secure various equipment and structures.

The G100 Master Link Assembly With Flat is suitable for a variety of applications that require a strong, reliable chain connection. Whether you are looking for connecting components for lifting equipment or need chain connections in industrial machinery, construction and mining, marine and offshore engineering, etc.


OEM G100 master link assembly with flat

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