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Home / News / Industry News / Chain pans for pigs are the most economical way to feed pigs

Chain pans for pigs are the most economical way to feed pigs

Jan 06,2023
Chain Disc For Pig
If you're looking for the most economical way to feed pigs, you'll want to try out the Chain Disc For Pig. This innovative feeding system features sealed ball bearings and a high-capacity low-friction nylon disk. It is designed to be used for pigs of any age and stage of development. The system is also designed to be easy to adjust feeding frequencies, making it the best option for any pig farmer.
Pigs are used for many different shots, from short drives to approach flex shots to approaches and upshots. They are overstable and able to perform several types of shots. Whether you're throwing an approach hyzer to the basket or you're throwing an upshot on the green, the Pig is the perfect disc for you.
Another great feature of the Pig is the incredible grip it provides. The rim is soft and sticky, which makes it a great choice for short uphill drives and short approach flex shots. Unlike other pigs, the rim is wide enough for forehand or backhand shots, and it feels very similar to a rhyno.
The Disc pig is a line-sized pig designed to handle produced media and is manufactured by Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd. in China. Whether you need to clean, batch, or gauge, the Disc pig can help you get the job done.
Aside from its unique rim, the Pig also has the advantage of having overstability, which makes it a great middle reliever. It can provide a solid, stable flight and will not skip, enabling you to pinpoint control on distance.
The design of the disc also allows for longer system lengths and reduced resistance. In fact, it can be installed in two directions inside the pipeline. Moreover, it can be equipped with transmitters or magnetic cleaning assemblies, as well as circular brushes. Hangzhou Lijia Chain Co., Ltd. disc pigs are also available in multiple configurations, including four scraper/seal discs, two guide discs, or a combination of both.
The Scraper/seal discs offer a tight seal during water displacement, providing a more effective cleaning process. They are available in a variety of hardnesses and thicknesses, and they come with bypass holes to allow for more effective cleaning. Also, the pig can be modified to include gauging plates.
Despite its durability, the Pig is not recommended for running baskets, as it will stick and dump. However, it's ideal for short uphill power drives and upshots on the green, downhill greens, and even hyzer putts.
A great choice for pipeline cleaning, the Pig is a versatile pipeline cleaner that can be customized to suit your specific pipeline needs. With the option of nitrile, Neoprene, or Polyurethane discs, you can choose the perfect Pig for your application. You can also customize the cup to the specific dimensions of your pipeline, whether it's a meter-thick pipe or a large pig hopper.
As with any pig, it is important to consider the wear and tear of the seals when you design the PIG. When sands or debris are collected at the front of the PIG, the seal can become worn out, causing the differential pressure to drop. Therefore, it's important to check the condition of the scraper discs regularly.

chain disk for pig feeding system
The Chain-Disk is the most economical way to feed your pigs. The chain-shaped feeding system enables you to easily adjust the amount and frequency of feeding. 
The Chain-Disk's unique design is highly versatile. It can be used for pigs at any stage of development from farrowing to finishing.