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What Is a Towing Chain?

Jan 12,2023
A Towing Chain is a type of recovery line made from steel or alloy links that are used in towing applications. They are inexpensive and can be found in a variety of lengths. There are different grades of towing chains, and it is important to choose one that meets the weight of your vehicle. A chain of Grade 70 strength should be adequate for towing heavy vehicles. The strength of a towing chain is measured in pounds, and the Working Load Limit can be determined by multiplying the weight of the vehicle and the length of the chain.

The G70 towing chain has sufficient tensile strength to safely handle a car if the primary attachment fails. However, it is not designed for lifting or rigging, so you should not use a chain of this strength for such tasks. A towing chain of G70 grade has a tensile strength of 700 newtons per square millimeter. It can elongate during towing, but it is unlikely to break under normal conditions. A towing chain of this strength is sufficient for a variety of towing applications, but may not be strong enough to handle heavy loads.

A chain that meets ASTM and ASME specifications is the minimum required for towing a vehicle. If a vehicle is not secured properly, it can cause a loss of control in the driver. In addition, a chain that snaps can cause the towed vehicle to crash into the vehicle in front. Because of these risks, it is important to choose the right kind of towing chain for the job.

A towing chain should only be used by experienced and trained tow workers. It is not recommended for general purpose towing. However, it can be useful for lifting, pulling tree trunks, and other tasks where dragging the chain can be useful. Its main purpose is to prevent the vehicle from being separated from the towing vehicle.

A towing chain is one of the most common safety devices in towing accidents. A tow operator may use axle straps to prevent the car from rolling while the towing chain allows for a controlled stop. A tow operator will also use a tow rope if necessary to prevent the car from uncoupling.

Towing chains can be used in car carriers and sling trucks for safe vehicle securement. There are 14 different configurations of towing chains, each made from forged Grade 70 steel. Each is individually boxed and tagged with a metal "Working Load Limit" tag. Some chains are heavy duty and have a Heavy Duty Latch Slip Hook.

Towing chains can also be made from nylon or polypropylene. Both are lightweight, waterproof, and offer a degree of stretch. They are not recommended for recovery purposes, but are ideal for towing.

G70 Load Chain Kit With Winged Grab Hook Each End Australian Standard
Chain size Chain Length Lashing Capacity
mm m kg
6 9 2300
7.1 9 3000
8 9 3800
10 9 6000