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Home / News / Industry News / G80 chain fittings are renowned for their high strength and reliability

G80 chain fittings are renowned for their high strength and reliability

Sep 07,2023
G80 chain fittings, known for their high strength and durability, are components specifically designed for use with Grade 80 alloy steel chains. These fittings are widely used in various industrial applications where lifting, rigging, and securing heavy loads are required. Here are some key characteristics that highlight the high strength of G80 chain fittings:
Grade 80 Alloy Steel: G80 chain fittings are crafted from Grade 80 alloy steel, which is heat-treated and quenched for increased strength. This steel alloy is well-suited for heavy-duty applications due to its high tensile strength and resistance to wear and fatigue.
High Working Load Limit (WLL): G80 chain fittings are rated for a high working load limit (WLL). The WLL is the maximum load that the fitting can safely handle in a specific application. These fittings are engineered to handle substantial loads with a generous safety margin.
Overhead Lifting Capabilities: One of the primary applications of G80 chain fittings is for overhead lifting and hoisting. Their high strength and WLL make them suitable for lifting heavy objects in construction, manufacturing, and material handling industries.
Safety Factor: G80 fittings are designed with a safety factor in mind. The safety factor is the ratio between the breaking strength of the fitting and the working load limit. Typically, G80 fittings have a safety factor of 4:1, which ensures that they can handle loads significantly higher than their WLL without failure.
Durability: The heat-treated alloy steel construction of G80 chain fittings enhances their durability. They can withstand extreme conditions, including exposure to harsh weather, chemicals, and abrasion, without compromising their strength or integrity.
Compliance with Standards: G80 chain fittings are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and regulations. For example, they may conform to standards such as EN 818-2, ASTM A952/A952M, or ISO 3076. Compliance with these standards ensures the quality and performance of the fittings.
Resistance to Corrosion: G80 fittings are typically coated or treated to resist corrosion. This corrosion resistance is essential when the fittings are used in outdoor or marine environments, where exposure to moisture and salt can lead to rust and degradation.
Load Testing: Manufacturers often subject G80 chain fittings to rigorous load testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet the specified performance criteria and safety standards.
Versatility: These fittings come in various configurations, including master links, hooks, clevises, and more. This variety allows for their use in a wide range of lifting and rigging applications.
Markings and Identification: G80 chain fittings are marked with important information such as the manufacturer's name, size, WLL, and the G80 grade designation. This information aids in proper selection, use, and maintenance.
In summary, G80 chain fittings are renowned for their high strength and reliability, making them a preferred choice in industries where safety and load capacity are paramount. Their ability to handle heavy loads safely, coupled with their durability and compliance with industry standards, ensures that they are a valuable component in various lifting and rigging operations.

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