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  • Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch
  • Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch

Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch

* Grade 80: Indicates a high-strength alloy steel hook that has a working load limit (WLL) suitable for heavy-duty lifting tasks.
* Clevis: The hook has a clevis design, which allows for easy connection to the lifting sling.
* Sling Hook: This type of hook is specifically designed for use with lifting slings, making it ideal for applications where a slin
  • Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch
  • Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton A B ¢ H K E kg
6 1.12 8 32 35 23 76 26 0.32
7+8 2 9.5 37 37 32.5 85.5 29 0.52
10 3.15 13 49 46 35 104 39 1.05
13 5.3 16.5 56.5 56 42.5 128 47 2
16 8 21.5 70.5 60 54 150 55 3.7
20 12.5 24 77 79 58 180 61 6
22 15 27 91 101 62 213 72 10.4
26 21.2 30 117 115 75 250 85 14.5
32 31.5 35 150 140 88 317 106 27


Product Description:

The Grade 80 Clevis Sling Hook With Safety Latch is a premium quality lifting and rigging component designed to ensure safety and reliability in various heavy-duty applications. Crafted from high-strength Grade 80 alloy steel, this sling hook offers superior durability and performance, making it an indispensable tool for professionals across industries.
Key Features:
Chain Size: Available in various chain sizes, from 6mm to 32mm, catering to different load requirements.
Working Load Limit (WLL): Each hook is precision-engineered to support a specific tonnage, ranging from 1.12 tons to 31.5 tons.
Safety Latch: Equipped with a safety latch mechanism, providing added security and preventing accidental unhooking.
Robust Construction: Made from Grade 80 alloy steel, ensuring high strength, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear.
Main Dimensions: Precisely designed main dimensions for optimal compatibility and performance.
Easy Attachment: Featuring a clevis design for easy attachment to chains, cables, and other lifting equipment.
Corrosion Resistance: Coated for corrosion resistance, ensuring reliability even in harsh environments.
Product Parameters:
6mm: WLL: 1.12 tons, A: 8mm, B: 32mm, ¢: 35mm, H: 23mm, K: 76mm, E: 26mm, Weight: 0.32kg
7+8mm: WLL: 2 tons, A: 9.5mm, B: 37mm, ¢: 37mm, H: 32.5mm, K: 85.5mm, E: 29mm, Weight: 0.52kg
10mm: WLL: 3.15 tons, A: 13mm, B: 49mm, ¢: 46mm, H: 35mm, K: 104mm, E: 39mm, Weight: 1.05kg
13mm: WLL: 5.3 tons, A: 16.5mm, B: 56.5mm, ¢: 56mm, H: 42.5mm, K: 128mm, E: 47mm, Weight: 2kg
16mm: WLL: 8 tons, A: 21.5mm, B: 70.5mm, ¢: 60mm, H: 54mm, K: 150mm, E: 55mm, Weight: 3.7kg
20mm: WLL: 12.5 tons, A: 24mm, B: 77mm, ¢: 79mm, H: 58mm, K: 180mm, E: 61mm, Weight: 6kg
22mm: WLL: 15 tons, A: 27mm, B: 91mm, ¢: 101mm, H: 62mm, K: 213mm, E: 72mm, Weight: 10.4kg
26mm: WLL: 21.2 tons, A: 30mm, B: 117mm, ¢: 115mm, H: 75mm, K: 250mm, E: 85mm, Weight: 14.5kg
32mm: WLL: 31.5 tons, A: 35mm, B: 150mm, ¢: 140mm, H: 88mm, K: 317mm, E: 106mm, Weight: 27kg
The Grade 80 Clevis Sling Hook With Safety Latch is ideal for various lifting and rigging tasks in construction, manufacturing, shipping, and more. Whether you're securing heavy loads, rigging equipment, or ensuring safety in material handling, this versatile product is your trusted partner.
Safety First:
Safety is paramount, and our safety latch mechanism provides an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of accidents during lifting and rigging operations.
Choose the Grade 80 Clevis Sling Hook With Safety Latch for dependable performance, durability, and peace of mind in your heavy-duty lifting applications. Trust in the strength and quality of our product to get the job done safely and efficiently.


OEM Grade 80 clevis sling hook with safety latch

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