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  • Grade 80 eye hook with latch
  • Grade 80 eye hook with latch

Grade 80 eye hook with latch

A Grade 80 Eye Hook with a latch is a type of lifting and rigging hardware commonly used in material handling and heavy-duty lifting applications. Grade 80 refers to the grade of alloy steel used in the construction of the hook, and it indicates its strength and durability. Grade 80 is a high-strength alloy steel that is commonly used for lifting and rigging due to its excellent load-bearing capacity.
  • Grade 80 eye hook with latch
  • Grade 80 eye hook with latch



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton ¢ E H K L kg
6 1.12 19 22 19 80 110 0.28
7+8 2 28 25 25 103 140.5 0.65
10 3.15 31 27.5 28 118 162 0.94
13 5.3 39 33 35 145 201 1.95
16 8 51 40 45 180 256 3.77
20 12.5 62 51 57 230 317 6.8
22 15 73 57 70 260 360 9.8
26 21.2 89 75 76 318 434 16.25
32 31.5 90 98 91 360 495.5 27.2


Product Description:

A Grade 80 Eye Hook with Latch is a specialized lifting and rigging component designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. Let's break down its key features:
Grade 80: This signifies the grade of the alloy steel used in manufacturing the hook. Grade 80 is a high-strength alloy steel, which makes it suitable for heavy lifting tasks. The grade is a measure of its strength and durability.
Eye Hook: This type of hook has a closed loop or eye at one end. The eye provides a secure point for attaching the hook to chains, wire ropes, or other rigging equipment. The eye's design ensures a strong connection and prevents slippage during lifting operations.
Latch: The latch is a crucial safety feature on this hook. It's a mechanism that can be closed over the hook's opening. The latch serves to secure the load on the hook, preventing it from accidentally coming off. This added layer of safety is vital in preventing accidents during lifting and handling tasks.
Grade 80 Eye Hooks with Latches are widely used across various industries where heavy loads need to be lifted and moved. These hooks are designed to provide a high level of safety and reliability, making them suitable for demanding applications such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.
It's essential to follow safety protocols and guidelines when using this equipment to ensure the safety of workers and the integrity of the load being lifted. Additionally, these hooks are often color-coded to indicate their working load limits (WLL), so it's crucial to use the correct hook for the specific lifting task and load capacity required. Proper maintenance and inspection of these hooks are also essential to ensure their continued safe and reliable operation.


OEM Grade 80 eye hook with latch

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