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  • Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook
  • Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook

Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook

A Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hook is a specific type of lifting and rigging component designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. It's typically made from high-strength alloy steel with a Grade 80 rating, known for its durability and capacity to handle substantial loads.
  • Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook
  • Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook



Chain Size WLL Main Dimensions (mm) Weight
mm ton E ф H R L kg
6 1.12 8 13.5 16 51 75.2 0.14
7+8 2 10.8 17 18.5 60.5 88.5 0.245
10 3.15 13 20 29 79.5 121.5 0.65
13 5.3 16.5 26 42.8 99.7 158 1.39
16 8 19.2 30 45.7 104 169 2.2
20 12.5 24 37 56 140 219 4.6
22 15 28 44 68 165 259 8.2
26 21.2 30 41 77 188.5 298 9.8
32 31.5 38 57 95 228 361 19.4


Product Description:

A Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hook is a specialized lifting and rigging component commonly used in heavy-duty industrial applications. It is designed to securely attach to chains or slings and is primarily used for lifting and suspending heavy loads. Here is a detailed description of the key features and characteristics of a Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hook:
Material and Grade: Grade 80 refers to the grade of alloy steel used in the construction of the hook. Grade 80 steel is known for its high strength and durability. It can handle heavy loads and is suitable for tough working conditions.
Design: The hook is designed with a cradle eye, which is a closed eyelet or loop on the top of the hook. This eyelet is where the chain or lifting sling is attached for secure connection. The cradle eye provides stability and helps prevent accidental detachment.
Grab Hook Mechanism: The term "grab hook" implies that this hook has a mechanism that allows it to securely grip the chain or sling it's connected to. This is particularly useful when you need to prevent the load from slipping or moving during the lifting process.
Latch or Safety Feature: Many Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hooks come equipped with a latch or safety feature that ensures the chain or sling remains securely attached. This latch can be locked into place to prevent accidental disconnection, adding an extra layer of safety.
Size and Capacity: These hooks come in various sizes and weight capacities, allowing you to choose the appropriate hook based on the specific lifting requirements of your project. The size and capacity will be clearly marked on the hook.
Markings: To ensure safety and compliance with industry standards, Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hooks are typically marked with relevant information, including the manufacturer's name, the grade of the material, the size, and the weight capacity.
Durability: Grade 80 steel is known for its excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. This makes the hook suitable for rugged and demanding applications.
Application: Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hooks are commonly used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, shipping, and material handling. They are employed in tasks involving heavy lifting, such as hoisting, pulling, and securing heavy equipment, machinery, or loads.
Safety Standards: It's important to use these hooks in accordance with safety guidelines and standards to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers and equipment.
Remember that safety is paramount when using lifting and rigging equipment. Always ensure that the Grade 80 Cradle Eye Grab Hook is properly inspected, maintained, and used in accordance with safety regulations and the manufacturer's recommendations. Additionally, operators should be trained in safe rigging practices to minimize risks.


OEM Grade 80 cradle eye grab hook

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